The Vette Ring
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Method 1

Welcome to The Vette Ring

Connecting the corvette sites of the net. There are a few rules to this ring but not many.

First off the ring banner must be on the front page. I need to be able find it when going thru the sites. If I cant find the banner on the page that the ring links to then your site will be removed. Ive seen to many sites that when going from site to site I cant find how to get to the next site in the ring. Kinda defeats the reason for having a ring in the first place eh?  No warez or porno sites will be admited. Site must have at least 1 thing having to do with a corvette DUH!?? Now thats not too bad for the rules now is it?

To get help with this please visit
The Vette - Webring Forum
its the easiest and fastest way to get help.

  Notice the methods listed on the left are other ways and logo's for the ring banner for your page!!

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This is the code needed for the ring to work. You will need to change the text that is highlighted in green. The urls to the pics of my car are in green also to let you know to change them to pics of your car if you like.

<div align="center"><center>



<th><font Size="2"><a HREF=""><img

SRC="" ALIGN="left" WIDTH="75" HEIGHT="65"></a> <a

HREF=";id=YOUR SITE NUMBER&amp;next"><img

SRC="" ALIGN="right" WIDTH="75" HEIGHT="65"></a> This <a

HREF="">The Vette Ring</a> site is owned

by <br>

<a href="mailto:YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS"><font Size="2">YOUR NAME</font></a>. <br>


<font Size="2">Want to join the <a

HREF="">The Vette Ring</a>?</font> </font></th>



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TARGET="_top">Skip Prev</a> ] [ <a

HREF=";id=YOUR SITE NUMBER&amp;prev"

TARGET="_top">Prev</a> ] [ <a

HREF=";id=YOUR SITE NUMBER&amp;next"

TARGET="_top">Next</a> ] [ <a

HREF=";id=YOUR SITE NUMBER&amp;skip"

TARGET="_top">Skip Next</a> ] [ <a

HREF=";ring=thevette" TARGET="_top">Random</a>

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HREF=";list" TARGET="_top">List

Sites</a> ] </font></th>